Excellent company in Modena district
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CATE Ltd is a small company, it has built customized test systems for 35 years. They are special machines, useful for prototypal innovationlife test and test rooms, all customized. The quality standards are very high, to safeguard the users and because every product must be “original and unique”. Main strength is the data acquisition system, based on commercial platforms, it collect all the data and with our development experience it guaranteed safety and comfort. Today, to hack the hard market, CATE has joined in a business network (SAL, Meccanica di Precisione, Decom, RoboTech) able to set up en entire production plant, well advanced, observing and optimizing the investment the users providing. It is a challenging and stimulating work based on research and experimentation and CATE has made of the innovation its add value and that is what differentiates from competitors and make them gain respect of big and structured companies.

Articolo Il Sole 24 Ore

Source: article from “Il Sole 24 ore, Impresa e Territori” published October, 15th 2013 (leading journal of economics & finance in Italy)


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