You give us your problems. We at CATE will give you the solutions


CATE is a dynamic and flexible company with innovative know-how and its main objective is Customer satisfaction.

We at CATE are fully aware that the real challenge of quality, today, consists of creating value: a value that we offer in a transparent and concrete way which benefits our Clients:
You give us your problems.; We at CATE will give you the solutions.”

CCATE manufactures special machines which are useful for innovative prototypes, life-long tests and testing.

We are specialized in creating Test Benches and we work alongside our Clients in order to offer them the best possible service for all their requirements, including:

  • analysis
  • feasibility studies
  • development
  • mechanical and plant engineering
  • electric aspects
  • development of acquisition software
  • safety certification
  • assistance
  • guarantee

We offer a complete service which includes consultancy, turnkey projects and updating of benches already being used.

CATE, revamping service

We carry out inspections on machines in use.

Our aim, which is to satisfy our Client’s needs, makes us fully available to carry out updates, complete or partial, on obsolete machines, by:

  • adding new technology
  • updating software
  • renewing machinery and plants
  • mechanical and plant engineering
  • setting-up
  • implementing safety measures
  • providing certification

in order to increase the performance and the safety of the test systems.

CATE, software development and data acquisition

We are experts in developing customized software for acquiring data, industrial automation, logistics and warehouse automation, running e supervising industrial processes. Our experience enables us to recommend to our clients the necessary answers needed to carry out quality tests. Experience that is certified and in continuous evolution, also thanks to our partnership with National Instruments.