CATE 40 years of history

CATE was founded in 1978 as a sole proprietorship with the aim of carrying out technical assistance on automatic machines and implementing automation in general.


CATE was the first company in Carpi to adopt the PLC technology for developing automated systems, in particular for machine tools and woodworking machines.

For over 30 years CATE has been developing test systems: Test BenchesTest Rooms and Data Acquisition systems (DAQ) which have been developed mainly by using National Instruments software.

Our strength is not just in 40 years of experience, also in the strength of the territory in which it is located. The Emilia Romagna region develops innovations in product and process.
Traditional handcrafted, the engineering sector has also drawn strength from the existence in the territory of a network of technical schools, often in close contact with the companies that have contributed to their skills and technological upgrading.
In the area we have industries in several sectors from motoring to food processing, from robotics to machine tools, agricultural machinery, engine and hydraulics, automotive components and biomedical, ceramic machinery, automatic machines for food packaging and shipbuilding.

That allows us to satisfy quickly and easily the needs of our customers as System Integrator in the field of the TEST.

CATE is the right partner to realize testing systems, the peculiarity are:
Flexibility, creating the system or the solution customized
Satisfaction, every system is 100% useable
Technologically advanced, using the new testing method
Easy, for maintenance and upgrading

Everything is made ​​using the most famous controller used in the commercial market:
Sensor: Kistler, STS, Endress+Hauser, Emerson, IFM Electronic, HBM, Gefran, Krohne, Bronkhorst, SIEMENS, Tersid, LEM, IME
Motor: Baümüller, Sicme, Magnetic
Software: National Instruments, SIEMENS Step 7,
Projects, idea, mechanics and assembly are all MADE IN ITALY.


Our strength lies not only in our 43 years of experience, but also in the area in which we operate. The mechanical industry has always played a leading role in Emilia-Romagna, the region develops process and product innovations essential to specific industrial fields. A tradition of an artisan nature that finds its outlet in the territorial productive vocations, but also in the presence of large historical companies, the mechanical sector has also drawn strength from the existence in the territory of a network of technical schools, often in close contact with the contributed to fueling skills and their technological updating through collaboration.

This allows CATE to quickly and easily satisfy the needs of our customers as a System Integrator in the TEST and TESTING sector.

CATE is the best partner for the realization of test systems, test benches, test benches, test rooms, research and development, data acquisition systems. Tests, Trials and Inspections describe the skills of CATE.