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Test room cooling components

Sala prove gruppi di raffreddamento

Liquid cooling unit test room (chillers, thermal systems), with high precision performance measurements.

Test room in a clean room, for liquid cooling unit test room (chillers, thermal systems).
Inside the room, tests are carried out with simulation of thermal loads and high-precision performance measurements.
Temperature regulation up to the milliKelvin (mK).

The testing system for liquid cooling units (chillers) is equipped with five contemporary stations and management of water circuits: standard and ultra-pure.

Software, developed ad-hoc, with NI’s LabVIEW system for managing the test and data acquisition cycle.

The test system for liquid cooling units (chillers) created by CATE is entirely managed by the software, developed ad-hoc with NI’s LabVIEW system.
The software for the R&D room detects all the parameters required by the test; the data is historicized and analyzed for the purposes of industry 4.0 projects, and for product tracking for quality purposes.

Test systems (test benches, test benches, test rooms, research and development) in the refrigeration, chiller, air and compressors, volumetric compressors and turbochargers sectors represent one of our major areas of experience and expertise.